She Gets Her Diesel Wound Up & She's Long Gone!

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Taylor. 19. Amateur Photographer, Music, Brantley Gilbert, Motocross, Mudding, Hunting, Camo, David Beckham, Tanning, Tattoos, Nails, Makeup, Partying, Hot Guys, Kisses:), Friends, I Like To Have Fun N Chill With My Friends. I Don't Take Credit For Any Pics On Here Unless I State Otherwise. Peace ♥

mrkuntrryguy asked: You wanna hang sum time


I can’t I have a bf u know that

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The American collegiate system in one gif set

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"Fuck that. If your man got a problem with your stretch marks, I suggest you stop fuckin’ with bitch niggas. That’s what I say. I think I speak for all real niggas in attendance today when I say we aint got no time to worry about shit like stretch marks. We know they either came from one of two thangs: either you was big and got small, or you was small and got big. Either way, we fuckin’. Either waaaaaaaaay."
Katt Williams (The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1)

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